Red Copper Square Pan Overview

The Red Copper Square Pan claims to be the only piece of cookware you’ll need to cook just about anything. You can broil, braise, bake, steam, deep fry, sauté and more, all in the same pan – freeing up valuable cupboard space.

Red Copper specialize in making ceramic and copper-infused kitchenware. All their products feature their famous non-stick surface that should cut down on washing-up time, and mean you can cut back on oil in your cooking too.

It has some downsides compared to its rival, the Copper Chef Square Pan. It can’t be used on induction hobs and is less heat resistant. 

But at 10” it’s bigger in size and comes with sturdier, solid handles to help lift heavy dishes in and out the oven. 

Included in the 5-piece set is a vented glass lid, roast and steam tray and fry basket. It even comes with an endorsement from celebrity chef, Cathy Mitchell, as well as a recipe book featuring some of her favorite meals.


  • Can replace many pieces of cookware
  • Non-stick coating
  • Generous cooking space
  • Dual riveted handles
  • Comes with roast/steam tray, fry basket and recipe book 


  • Bulky in size
  • Doesn’t work on induction hobs

Things to Consider Before Buying a Non-stick Pan

Non-stick pans save time and energy in the kitchen, so are perfect for quick everyday cooking. They need less oil and fat for frying, so are a healthier option. 

Many can even be used in the oven, so you can switch from stove to oven without the need for a second bulky piece of cookware. 

But they have a reputation for scratching easily, and some cook more evenly than others.

Here are the key things to consider when buying a non-stick pan.

  • Durability: look for a non-scratch surface if you’re going to be using it every day. 
  • Oven safe: handy if you often change between stove and oven cooking. 
  • Even heating: avoid cold spots in your food by choosing a pan that’ll heat evenly. Pans made with copper and ceramic tend to be the best.
  • Solid handles: a solid metal, riveted handle will stay sturdy for longer. If you cook big meals, a helper handle will make it much easier to carry. 
  • Non-toxic: some non-stick pans contain toxic chemicals that have been linked to health issues. Make sure you choose a pan that’s PFOA and PFTE-free.

Features and Benefits 

More Cooking Space

One of the standout features of the pan is its generous size. 

The square design gives you up to twice the cooking space – enough room to cook ten or more pork chops without having to reach for a second pan.

And the extra-deep 4 inch sides make it perfect for cooking up a family stew and will prevent oil or liquids splattering onto your stovetop. 

However, for me the only drawback is that high sides can make it trickier to get the spatula underneath food like fried eggs and fish steaks.

Non-stick Coating 

Non-stick pans are a godsend for cutting down on your washing-up time. I love making sweet ribs and breaded chicken but get tired of having to scrape the pan afterwards. 

With a good non-stick pan, stuck-on food should wipe away easily. 

Another huge advantage of non-stick pans for me is being able to fry with less fat. Red Copper claims you can do anything from fry eggs to sear a steak without adding any unhealthy oil or butter.

But how non-stick really is it?

Not all non-stick pans are created equal. In fact, the coating on many non-stick pans can start to erode over time. 

Red Copper pans tend to get high praise for their non-stick quality, but a few people have had issues with the pan sticking after continuous use. 

The truth is that non-stick pans need a lot more care than you might expect. 

Seasoning the pan can help maintain its coating. Red Copper actually recommends doing this at least every six months to keep it in good condition. 

I choose to use a drop of oil in my cooking anyway for flavor. This helps with any potential sticking and is still far less than I’d use with a stainless steel pan. 

Even Heating 

If you’re used to stainless steel pans, you’ll notice the difference in how evenly this pan cooks your food.

Copper has long been a favorite for cookware, due to its excellent abilities as a heat conductor. 

Plus the aluminum rings should ensure the base heats evenly, meaning you’ll have no dreaded cold spots in your dinner.  


Red Copper pans have a good reputation for being durable. 

If you’ve ever owned a Teflon non-stick pan you’ll know they can scratch easily. But with its non-stick, ceramic coating, this pan will stand up better to everyday wear and tear. It’s still best not to use metal utensils as it’s not quite as durable as stainless steel.

It won’t warp under high temperatures like an aluminum pan. Warped, bent pans aren’t just a pain to balance on the stove, but they can cause your food to cook unevenly. 

You should avoid using this pan on extreme heat though, as it may affect the non-stick quality and will cause the surface to discolor. The heat-conductive surface should mean you don’t need to whack up the heat so high anyway.


As with the rest of the Red Copper pan range, the Square Pan is oven safe.

It can withstand temperatures of up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use it to make all your favorite oven classics. 

If you do a lot of multi-stage cooking, you’ll love the simplicity of cooking with this pan. You can transfer dishes straight from the stove to the oven, with no need for a second pan.  

Sear a steak or fry some veg, then pop the whole pan straight in the oven to bake. 

Steam and Roast Rack

The set includes this handy steam and roast rack. 

If you have a hefty steamer and roasting pan crammed into the back of your cupboard, here’s where you can really free up space. 

My steamer is one of my favorite things in my kitchen, but it’s also one of the bulkiest. The rack accessory makes the pan work like a traditional steamer but won’t take up extra storage space – fitting neatly back inside the pan when not in use. 

Using it is simple. Bring a small amount of water to simmer in the pan, then add the food to the rack and secure the lid to lock in moisture. 

The rack can also transform the pan into a roaster. It sits inside the pan to lift the meat like a traditional roaster, helping the bottom cook evenly and letting the juices drain. 

The high sides of the pan will also help stop juices evaporating, which can dry out your meat. 

It’s smaller than many roasting pans, so you probably won’t be cooking a Christmas dinner in it any time soon. But it’s plenty big enough for a joint of ham or a roast chicken. 

Fry Basket

I wouldn’t use a fryer enough to warrant buying a separate piece of kit. So it’s a real bonus to be able to make proper fish and chips or homemade hash browns from time to time. 

In the recipe book, Cathy Mitchell shows you how to make tempura vegetables in just one minute. Her tips are simple to follow, even for a deep-frying novice like me.

But what I actually love most about it is that it can double up as a colander. It’s super handy to cook pasta with, simply lift up the basket to drain when it’s done. 

Dual Riveted Handles

The two solid metal handles should help make sure your best cooking efforts don’t end up on the floor.

Riveted handles tend to be durable, so should stay sturdy for longer. And the helper handle will make it that much easier to lift the pan in and out the oven.

But be careful to use oven mitts when taking things out the oven, as the handles can get really hot.

Vented Glass Lid

I like being able to see my food when it’s cooking. The glass lid means you can keep an eye on your steamed veg or soup without letting heat and moisture escape. 

Plus the vent holes will help stop steam building up and causing the pan to boil over. 


Some non-stick pans are made using chemicals such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE), better known by the brand name Teflon. 

These chemicals have been linked to various health issues. When overheated, they can flake off into food or produce toxic fumes. 

Red Copper pans don’t contain any PFOA or PFTE, so they’re safe to use. 

What do Other People Think?

We’ve scoured the internet to find out what people think and found a lot of happy customers. People love the multi-functionality and easy clean-up. You can check out more here.


1. Copper Chef Deep Square Pan Set

If you’re after a multi-functional square pan, the Copper Chef is another great option for around the same price. It comes with the same deep sides and accessories, including a glass lid and steam rack. 

The handles are hollow so might not feel as sturdy, and at 9.5”, it’s slightly smaller too.  

But it’s more heat resistant, withstanding up to 850 degrees. And it’ll work with all hob types, including induction. 

  • Same cooking flexibility
  • Hollow handles 
  • Slightly smaller
  • More heat resistant
  • Works with induction hobs

2. Red Copper Square Dance pan

For half the price of their square pan, you can pick up the shallower Red Copper Square Dance Pan. 

It has the same non-stick surface and is oven safe. But you won’t get the extra-deep sides or accessories such as the roasting tray. 

  • Cheaper
  • Same non-stick surface 
  • Oven safe


The Red Copper Square Pan is a smart solution for anyone who wants to cook in a variety of styles but is short on space. 

It’s much more than just a frying pan, doubling up as a deep fryer, roasting pan, steamer, cooking pot and even a colander. 

The non-stick coating will make it easier to cook healthy meals at home.

And when you’re finished cooking, you only have to wipe it clean and find space in your (now organized!) cupboards for one pan.

Find out more about the Red Copper Square Pan here.

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